9 Ways to Improve Your Personal Development

If you’re landed here, chances are you are aware that there is an opportunity for you to grow and become a better person.

That’s fantastic.

It means that you realize about how important it is to keep improving your self.

In this post, I hope you can find some useful ideas to help you improve yourself.

1/ Read

Find good-rated books about the topic that you want to improve.

For example, if you want to become more productive, you can read the books about habits of productive people, or how to be more focused, or how to get more things done, etc.

Remember that books are great investment for your self.

It might be pricey at some point but it can be so worth it as well.

If you really don’t want to spend too much money on it, then just take a look at good articles in the internet.


One of the most important part in a great communication is LISTENING.

When you’re able and willing to listen very well then you can easily handle the conversation almost effortlessly.

Improving yourself through listening isn’t merely trying to make somebody talk to you.

You also need to spend some time on listening the good words from good people.

Good people can be a wise man you met on the train, your best friend who knows you really well, podcast, or inspirational videos.

Catching the advice from them can help you realize something about yourself. Even when you didn’t expect the advice.


After spending time to listen to your surroundings, don’t forget that you also need to listen your mind and heart.

To make this effort efficient, make sure that you are doing it in a peaceful place and a free time (for example before you go to sleep) and REMEMBER THAT you have to be truly honest to yourself.

Write it down in your journal, diary, or type it in a secret file in your computer.

Write down everything you wanna write which comes from your thoughts or feelings. Let it flow. Don’t be afraid of criticism or judgement because you are writing it for yourself and you are not letting anyone read it.


As an introvert, I find that observing is so beneficial for my personal and social development.

Observing people and your surrounding objectively can help you understand more about the world.

You can help yourself realize that this world isn’t only about you. And if you take a closer look, you might be able to get some inspiration about how to solve various problems in this life.

5/Challenge Yourself

Monotony can prevent people from achieving the best version of their self.

So, don’t let yourself get trapped in a monotone lifestyle day by day. You need dynamic to help yourself innovate and learn new things.

So, whenever you feel that your life is boring or your routine is stopping you from developing yourself, give yourself a personal development challenge. It can be

Just remember to keep the challenge fun and manageable because you don’t want it to ruin your main activity of the day.

6/ Find New Hobby

Find a new hobby that can help you become a better person.

For example, when you wanna learn to be more patient, you can learn fishing or knitting.

If you want to reduce the bad effect of sedentary lifestyle and wanna live healthier, try casual bike riding or hiking.

7/ Meet New People

Meeting new people, greeting them, and interacting with them is probably the simplest yet most complicated way to improve your personal development.

You can learn and also practice so many things about personal development.

If they’re good people, you can get new things to learn and so many things to practice with.

If they’re annoying people, you can also learn and practice several things, especially about patience, assertiveness and humility.

8/ Find Feedback

To get constructive feedback, you can ask your best friends, coworkers, spouse, or even your children to be truthful to you.

Of course, you need to ask in a very nice way to help them speak honestly.

BE PREPARED to hear something unpleasant. Also be prepared to say THANK YOU right away.

Remember that finding feedback isn’t arguing or debating.

You are asking them for constructive things to grow yourself. Don’t throw those things back to their face.

9/ Find Role Model

There is always somebody else who is better than us in something.

When you wanna grow yourself in a particular aspect, find someone (or some people) who is/are expert on that.

Find some great inspiration from those people, analyze it, and practice that good thing.

Accepting advice or criticism is good. But when you need a vivid example of an excellent personal development, you probably need to watch your role model to help you understand the lesson easier.

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