Vegetarian Keto Recipes

Ketogenic diet has gained its fame throughout the years.

And it’s surely for a reason.

The rapid weight loss.

Although this diet can be dangerous for a long term, and might not be suitable for some people with a particular health problem, you can still try this for a short period if you are in a good health.

CAUTION : Don’t do this if you have kidney or liver problem.

Ketogenic diet

In ketogenic diet, you restrict carbohydrates (something you find in potatoes, flour, rice, sugar, etc) and increase the amount of fat to achieve ketosis.

What is ketosis, anyway?

Ketosis is a state when your body uses fat as the main energy. This fat-burning stage really helps ketogenic dieters to reduce that storage of fat in the body.


Ketogenic diet emphasizes on high fat percentage in meal.

It means eating meat and increasing the amount of meat in daily intake is something common when someone tries the ketogenic diet.

But don’t get discouraged.

Because when you’re a vegetarian, you can still try this diet and you can lose weight.

Down below are amazing ketogenic recipes that do not need any meat or any meat-based products.

You can add these awesome recipes in your vegetarian keto meal plan.

Just remember to combine the meal beautifully so you don’t exceed the carbohydrate limit in your keto diet!

Keto Chocolate Fat Bomb

From Recipes From A Pantry

This keto fat bomb is easy to make and vegan-friendly.

This recipe is great for keto dieter who is also vegetarian who is also chocolate lover!!

Easy Broccoli Rice

From Irena Macri

Hmm.. a great “rice” for lunch when you’re a keto-vegetarian dieter!

You can enjoy this delicious broccoli rice with creamy tofu or tempeh!

Dairy Free Lemon Fat Bombs

From Tasting Page

This dairy free and sugar free fat bombs looks so yummy!

This is actually vegan too. So you can try it with your vegan best friend!

Palak Paneer

From Piping Pot Curry

This indian recipe can be made quickly using instant pot.

If you love dinner with lots of spices you should consider this recipe to try tonight!

Baba Ganoush

From Low Carb Maven

The name sounds interesting.

So does the recipe.

This roasted eggplant dip looks delicious.

If you love eggplants you should try this recipe at home!

Methi Matar Malai Paneer

From Enhance Your Palate

Serve this meal side by side with rice and enjoy it with your family!

This vegetarian dish has lots of spices in it but if you don’t like spicy foods you can reduce the amount of each spices so it still has flavor but not too strong.

Indian Lentil Stew

From Kippi At Home


This stew looks so tasty!

I think the best thing about this recipe is the ingredients are not difficult to find!

Great recipe for quarantine!

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