Vegetarian Dinner Recipes

Eating a sweet breakfast as a vegetarian is really easy.

So does eating salad for lunch. You only need to choose the protein carefully.

But the challenge is real when you’re preparing for dinner.

Dinner must look like “real meal” and it is usually savory and has rich taste.

Don’t worry!

Being vegetarian doesn’t mean you cannot enjoy delicious meal.

In fact, there are so many amazing recipes on the internet for vegetarians.

Down below are awesome dinner recipes for vegetarians you can try tonight!

Rosemary fondant potato

From Cooktoria

Creamy curry pasta

From A Seasoned Greeting

Who loves curry?!!

Please tell me I am not the only person in this world who loves slurping on curry liquid. LOL.

This recipe combines the richness of curry with pasta.

You can add more spices if you love spicy food!

Vegan Coconut curry tofu stir-fry

From Plating Pixels

One-pot vegan green lentil dal recipe

From Healthy Happy Mama

Sweet Potato and lentil chickpea curry

From Cook It Real Good

easy ratatouille

From Spend With Pennies

easy vegan chili

From Seven Roses

broccoli and avocado cream soup

From Refresh My Health

Very Green cream soup

From Refresh My Health

Vegan lentil soup

From Nutmeg And Vinegar

penne all’arrabbiata

From Jack Slobodian

Mixed bean chili

From Jack Slobodian

instant pot curry with chickpeas, tomatoes & spinach

Instant Pot Curry with Chickpeas, Tomatoes and Spinach | The Foodie Eats

From The Foodie Eats

mexican stuffed peppers with quinoa & black beans

From Moms Who Save

Vegan chickpea skillet dinner

From Son Shine Kitchen

superfood salad with quinoa, chickpea and kale

superfood salad

From Comeback Momma

Is salad for dinner a good idea?

Of course, it is!

Especially when you’re on your weight loss journey!

Make sure to avoid high-calorie dressing!

lazy vegan pot pie with sliced potato crust

From My Pure Plants

egg tacos

From Meals and Mile Makers

Need a super simple dinner for busy evening?

You can try this recipe!

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