Awesome Things To Do At Night When Bored and Alone

When you get bored at night and you didn’t want to sleep yet and you have nobody to talk with and you have no money to spend, what would you do to cope with the boredom?

Hey, boredom is natural. But when you don’t overcome it wisely, it can ruin your time worthlessly.

I get it. Doing those ‘productive things’ when you don’t feel like doing it is tough. But hey, you can do useful things in a fun way!

Do it as if you are playing a game and you must accomplish the task before your bedtime.

The game consists of challenge and let yourself pick 1 or 2 challenges that you love the most!

Challenge#1 Make Natural Face mask Using Only Things You Have At Home

Taking care of yourself can be fun but also can be boring.

It can be boring when you do exactly the same routine every night for the last 10 years.

But when something new comes in, there is some excitement and curiousity that fill your heart, am I right?

That’s why, if you get bored at night, you can try a new self care that is cheap and exciting : make a natural face mask and try it right away.

Making your own face mask can be really easy. You can use green tea, coffee, banana, oranges, cucumber, honey, egg whites, and other natural ingredients that you probably already have at home!

The best thing about DIY natural facemask is probably you can choose your favorite ingredients and make it vegan or vegetarian!

Challenge#2 Take Care of Your Living Room

Living room is a prominent area in your home.

Whether you use it for yourself or you let someone visits in the next few days, this room shouldn’t be left boring.

You can make a giant flower using colorful papers. You can put a candle inside a glass and use it as a centerpiece. Or you can simply declutter things that aren’t supposed to be there.

Oh, don’t forge to dust the couch too!

If you live in your own own and you personally own the furniture, you can decorate them as you like!

You can use ribbons, washi tape or if you dare enough, you can also use colorful paints or nail polish to colorize the tip of the chair/table legs!

P.S. If you live in a rental property, consider the decorations that do not break the rules made by your landlord!

Challenge#3 Take Care of Your Bedroom

Now we are talking.

Bedroom is probably the place where you spend most of your time at home. So, shouldn’t it be the most comfortable too?

If you want to improve your sleeping quality (and productivity, especially if you work from your bedroom) you can start taking care of your bedroom tonight.

Start with the bed itself and then go to your work station/table.

Throw away every trash and trash-worthy items. Clean up your table and wash your hands afterwards.

Challenge#4 Make The Plan For Tomorrow

Imagine that tomorrow is a giant 24-hrs game that you need to accomplish well.

You might not know what will actually happens. But you can get prepared for what you already know.

Make a plan for tomorrow and write it down.

Don’t forget to include some fun activities between the free hour so you can avoid boredom tomorrow!

Challenge#5 write And Doodle

If you’ve been keeping a journal, GREAT!! You can continue doing it and if tonight you feel bored, maybe you can stick with the journal a bit longer to make some cute doodles.

If you don’t have any journal and you don’t want to start any, that’s fine. You can grab a piece of paper and a pen and start writing.

If you don’t feel like thinking at all, just try writing these phrases multiple times:


And then draw doodles related to what you wanna do tomorrow. For example, books, computers, dumbbell, lemons, or flowers.

Challenge#6 Practice Public Speaking

Some people are born to be a fantastic speaker.

Some people, like me, are just either too shy or too clumsy for speaking in front of a huge audience.

If you don’t like public speaking, you might be able to avoid it most of the time.


There might be a time in the past when you just didn’t want to say anything but you had to speak.

That’s why, practicing public speaking is important even when you only practice it once in a while.

You probably think that staying at home alone at night is boring and scary. BUT THAT IS ACTUALLY A PERFECT TIME FOR PRACTICING PUBLIC SPEAKING!

You can learn which tones you’re most comfortable with, what kind of expression looks good for you, which hand gestures that makes you look awesome, and so on so next time the public speaking occasion comes into your life, you can feel more relaxed.

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