Things To Do On Sunday To Improve Productivity

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Do these useful things on Sunday to make your whole week a lot easier!

You can use Sunday to have fun. But you can also optimize your free time to improve your productivity!

Check out these tips!

Set Your Goals

Set your weekly goals.

This is to get you more focused on what to achieve and help you think of any possible ways to accomplish it.

Set your goals and write it down in your phone, journal, or planner to keep you remember about it.

Plan Your Work

To achieve your goals, you need to work on it.

To help you work, you can prepare it or plan it ahead.

It depends on what kind of job you do.

Brainstorm ideas and use it to help you plan your work.

Amazing ideas can easily comes when you’re relaxed. So, Sunday should be a great time to brainstorm ideas.

If you are a teacher, you can make a week of teaching plan (and then prepare the detailed teaching material) for the next 5 days.

If you are a blogger, you can make a blog post schedule for the whole week.

If you are a businessperson, you can make a weekly business plan or set a new strategy for your business.

Make Your Daily To-Do List

Got your goals?

Got your weekly plan?

Alright, it might look A LOT of work because you have planned it for the whole week.

But remember, you don’t have to do those tasks in a single day.

You are planning it for a week, or a 5 working days.

Now, divide those plans to build daily to-do list.

This is to avoid the feeling of overwhelmed and to make the tasks more feasible.

Remember, one of the easiest ways to make a big job looks a lot easier is to divide it into “small chunks” of jobs.

If possible, you can also set the hourly schedule to help you even more organized.

Prepare Your Outfit

Remember how chaotic was it when you wake up in the morning to realize that your outfit for the day isn’t ready?

That thing alone can ruin your morning because you might be spending a lot of time in your closet to find which clothes to wear (or in your laundry room!) to find which socks to wear.

Prepare your costume for the next 5 days so you can save time in the mornings and help calm down your morning!

Prepare Your Meal

How long do you spend your time in the kitchen every morning?

From deciding what to cook, finding the ingredients in your pantry (plus finding the substitute of ingredient that you don’t have), preparing to cook, and the cooking itself can consume a significant time.

That’s a precious time in the morning.

Instead of rushing to cook unplanned meals every morning, you can try to meal plan your breakfasts on Sunday.

Meal planning is a clever act to help your week easier.

Prepare something (in a bulk) on Sunday and pick it one by one every morning to heat up or to quickly cook.

It can be as simple as overnight oats, smoothies (keep the fruit chunks in individual packs in the freezer and blender it when needed!), or breakfast cookies!

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