Snacks To Avoid When Losing Weight

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I know. I get it.

Snacking is so enjoyable to do. Especially when the food tastes so good.

But here is the thing : If you want to succeed on losing weight, then you should keep an eye of what you’re eating.

Snacking “bad foods” everyday can expose your body to health risk and it can lead your weight loss journey into failure.

You don’t want it, do you?

So, when you are trying to lose weight, please avoid these snacks…


Or donuts.

Whatever you call it.

It’s easy to fall in love with donuts.

And it’s a little bit difficult to resist it.

But, hey!

There is always something to sacrifice when you want to reach something, right?

Skip doughnuts when you try to lose weight.

French Fries

Some of you might say, “but.. it’s made of potatoes, and potato is a veggie, so isn’t it healhty?”


Just because it’s made of healthy ingredient, doesn’t mean it’s always healthy on the plate.

Because, the process might destroy the “healthiness” of it.

French fries are made via the process called deep-frying.

And, no matter how good we are trying to “drain” the french fries using paper towel, there is still some oil left both in the exterior and inside the fries (they can absorb oil).

So, it’s still oily, guys.

Some oils are healthy (when you consume it raw). But when you heat it multiple times it can be dangerous to your health.

Potatoes are carbs.

French fries are the combination of high carbs + (potentially bad) oil.

So, ditch it.

Onion Rings


Be careful of onion rings!

It can be crunchy, sweet, and savory at the same time.

But it can contains high calorie, especially fats.

I mean, of course we need fat in our daily meal. But we need the good one.

The example of good fats sources are olive oil (raw, not cooked), avocado, and salmon.

So, if you meet onion rings when you’re on a diet, you probably want to skip it.

Sweet Cakes

Red velvet cakes are not “diet-friendly”.

Well, actually, every sweet cake, not just the red velvet, isn’t weight-loss-friendly.

A piece of cake is not “a piece of cake” when it comes to dieting.

The basic ingredients of any cake are typically eggs, white flour, butter, and sugar.

It means, cakes are usually very high in calorie.

Even when you only eat a slice of it, you probably are consuming a big amount of calorie to your body.

And when you say you will only eat a slice of a delicious cake, there is a high chance that you will take another one, am I right?

So, avoid cakes, including cupcakes!


Visiting your grandma during your weight-loss journey is not prohibited at all.

Actually, I encourage you to do that because visiting your grandma might be able to boost up your mood and remind yourself about how important losing weight is so you can avoid obesity so you can live longer just like your grandma.

But, remember. If your grandma is the best cookie-maker in the world, please let her sit back and relax during your visit instead of baking some cookies for you.

Cookies are usually made of eggs, white flour, butter, and sugar which are high in calories.

So, ditch cookies.

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