5 Tips to Simplify Your Life

We are living in a world where almost everything is complicated.

The older we get, the more complex life becomes.

It’s already complicated even when you do nothing.

So, instead of pushing more complexity to life, why don’t you start simplifying it?

Benefits of A Simple Life

When your life simpler, you can have more freedom.

You can breath more peacefully and you can think more clearly.

Both of those things alone can bring a huge difference in life.

You can take a better decision, you can do every chores in a less-stressful way, and hence you can live a more peaceful life.

If you are interested to simplify your life, consider these tips below:

Be Honest

Have you ever realized, how fake and manipulative the world nowadays?

If only everybody in this world be honest, I 100% believe that this world becomes more simpler, things get easier and everything becomes more efficient.

Just think about it for a second.

Can you imagine how awesome would it be?


Now it’s impossible to change everybody mind and behavior in this world. But at least you can change YOUR OWN mind and behavior towards the world.

It might be difficult to start especially if you’ve been living as a ‘society-pleaser’.

Don’t give up, dear.

You can do this.

Start small and start with the easiest thing. You can rehearse with everyday things. Start being really honest to yourself, your family, and your best friend. Do it NICELY and PATIENTLY.

You’ll be surprised that it probably isn’t as scary as you thought.

Only Say Yes To Something You Truly Agree With

One of the things that make life so complicated is .. fake behavior.

You pretend to like doing something just because your friends do. And then you finally realize that you really do not like it and you want to quit but you’re afraid of losing your friends.

You pretend to have money and live a certain lifestyle that everybody else is living and then realize that you can’t do it anymore but you’re too shy to downgrade it even when you don’t have money. And then, you’re trying too hard to get the money to fulfill the lifestyle that you don’t really like.

And so on..

The effect of fake behavior is painful, both for yourself and for the world.

You know what? You can stop it.

Just say YES to something that you truly agree with.

It includes so many things. Buying new items, talking new ideas with your friends, and even attending fancy party.

If your heart isn’t sincerely to it, don’t do it.

Declutter Your Wardrobe

Alright, I know it sounds daunting.

But hey, the impact can be amazing!

Remember the time when you stand up in front of your close to choose which skirt to wear or which necklace to pick?

You probably are trying to blame the complicated fashion style that you’re trying to copy… and which you don’t actually loves.

Imagine when you only have fewer amount of items in your wardrobe.. you can decide more quickly! You can leave only monochrome color in your wardrobe to help you decide even quicker.

Having only a limited amount of clothes in ‘boring color’ might sounds super scary, especially when you used to be ‘fashionable’ all this time.

But, listen: downgrading a wardrobe can give you MORE TIME for everything else in life. And, most importantly, a more peaceful life.

Don’t be Afraid To Be Yourself

Ask yourself, how many times have you wasting money and time to follow something trending only to realize that it’s pointless?

No matter how hard you try, you will never be the exact duplicate of somebody else.

Everybody is naturally different.

You are awesome as you are. You have one special thing that this world needs. Don’t lose it. Losing yourself for getting the attention of the world is an irony. Because you are awesome when you become your true self.

So, don’t be afraid to be yourself. Even when people think you are weird.

Be yourself and do the things that you truly agree with.


Look around your home, is it full of clutter?

If so, then probably you and your family needs to practice planning more seriously.

Having clutter in life (in any form) can be caused by lack of planning.

Buying new items just because it looks cute, buying things just because it’s on sale, having more items without thinking what to do with it for the next couple of years, or subscribing to services that you don’t really need are the greatest things that contribute to a life full of clutter.

It might not be clearly visible when you begin that ‘lifestyle’. But when the years pass by, you might wish that you have a better plan.

So, plan ahead.

Visualize what kind of life you sincerely want to live. And every time something new knocks into the door of your life, asks yourself, do I really need this?

Final Thought

Life can be messy. Life can be unexpected. Life can be overwhelming.

But guess what? Even when you cannot control what will happens in this world, at least you can control your mind which will affect your behavior and in the long term bring an impact to your life.

Simplifying your life requires serious effort. But it is doable.

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