51 Self Improvement Tips for women

Being a woman in this era has its own perks.

We get easier access to education and information. We can express what we want to say. We can fight for what we think is right.

However, as the world changes, beside having advantages, we also face so many challenges.

Down below are self improvement tips for women that can be used to help you become the better version of yourself.

You are a woman and you can do amazing things.


  1. Read inspirational books
  2. Meet wise people
  3. Talk to an intelligent/gifted person
  4. Start journaling
  5. Talk to yourself
  6. Write a letter to your self
  7. Read motivational quotes
  9. Remember that everything happens for a reason
  10. Make a time to express your deepest thoughts and feelings to God
  11. For 24 hours, try to watch every single word you speak


  1. Be grateful for everything that you have
  2. Understand that every good you have has values, so you have to take care of it
  3. Practice budgeting
  4. Try some simple cooking and avoid eating out
  5. Try not to purchase anything new for the whole month, you might still have the alternatives at home
  6. Turn off the lamp when it’s not needed.
  7. Try to save an exact amount every single day (for example $3 every day throughout the year or whatever amount you’re comfortable with)
  8. When tempted by a big sale, ask yourself, would you buy that item if it’s not on sale? If you wouldn’t, then probably you don’t really need it (you might just WANT it).
  9. Walk or bike when you can instead of riding your car (it can help you save money on gas)
  10. Remember that you purchase things with MONEY and you make money with your PRECIOUS TIME + HARD WORK, so, think twice before buying something.


  1. Give your body a proper hydration every day
  2. Have a good sleep in a comfortable clean bed
  3. Moisturize your skin
  4. Have a relaxing bath with natural bath products
  5. Try clean eating
  6. Exercise at least 45 minutes per day
  7. Quit alcohol and stop smoking
  8. Eat your breakfast
  9. Enjoy every bite of your meal and stop eating before you feel ‘full’
  10. Avoid sugar
  11. Trim your nails (because if you don’t, they can be a comfy place for germs to stay). Cleaning your hands when you have trimmed nails are a lot easier.


  1. Wake up at 5 every morning so you have more time for preparing the day
  2. Prepare your outfit for the next week on Sunday (beforehand) so you can save time in the morning
  3. Try weekly meal-prep at least for breakfast so you can save even more time in the morning
  4. Make sure that your work area is distraction-free before starting to work
  5. Practice Pomodoro technique when needed
  6. Reward yourself after achieving a hard task
  7. Work or study during your ‘genius time’ of the day
  8. Invest in a fast-loading computer (if your work/study relies heavily on a computer)


  1. Write a letter to your husband
  2. Give a surprise present to your husband
  3. Dedicate 15 minutes with your kid before he/she goes to sleep just to listen to their thoughts
  4. Tell your kids you love them
  5. Smile widely to your husband with no reason
  6. Tell your coworker that they look great that day
  7. Make a video call to your parents or grandparents
  8. Send a postcard to an old friend
  9. Send a little gift to your siblings without any particular reason
  10. Say ‘THANK YOU SO MUCH’ to someone who offers you help in the public area, no matter how small is that act of kindness.
  11. Practice forgiving.

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