How to Quit Sugar For Weight Loss

Sugar looks super attractive.

But attractive does not always mean good.

Chocolate-dripped doughnuts, fudgy brownie, cookie with sweet icing, candies, and ice cream can be mouth-watering when you feel hungry.

But when you don’t consume it the right way those things can make you gain weight and gain fatty belly.

Ouch! Now that fact doesn’t sound delicious, does it?

Yes, we, human, needs carbohydrate to fulfill our nutritional need.

But there is a limit we should be aware of.

Unfortunately, when it comes to sweet treats the devil give special effort to make you forget how to put down the food.


Don’t listen to the devil!

You want to be healthy and beautiful.

Don’t listen to that ugly creature.

Quit sugar, lose weight, and be a healthier you!

Make A Decision

First of all, you need to understand that quitting sugar doesn’t mean erasing all sugar in your diet.

Quitting sugar can mean either skipping all foods which contains added sugar OR simply reducing the consumption.

It doesn’t mean you must refuse all the foods which contains sugar.

There are foods that naturally contains sugar such as fruits and honey.

On the other hand, there are also foods that isn’t very sweet but contain added sugar such as ketchup and salad dressing.

You can cut sugar from your diet by skipping foods which contain refined sugar including, but not limited to, bread, cookies, cereal, granulated white sugar, brown sugar, and sweet syrup. Fruit juice and smoothies might contain high sugar too.

There might be some a specific joy you cannot leave. For example you feel that you really cannot focus on work if you don’t have a glass of fruit juice in your hand.

That’s OK. You can reduce sugar gradually.

Another option is to go cold turkey or the extreme way.

Cut it all tremendously. No excuses.

That’s extreme. But that might not be the best idea.

First, your body might feel uncomfortable. Second, you might feel mentally under pressure. Hence, third, you cannot enjoy your diet and you can give up easily along the way.

I recommend cutting the sugar gradually. This week you can try skipping dessert. Next week you can level up the challenge by skipping sugar in your coffee and tea. And so on.

However, the decision is yours to take.

Meal Plan

After deciding what kind of challenge you want to take, you can start planning your meal.

If you try the “step-by-step” option, you can make weekly meal plan.

Ask yourself, what kind of sugar do you want to cut this week?

After that, plan meal for the whole week.

Remember to add your favorite meal (adjusted to your sugar-free challenge).

Adding your favorite meal to your meal plan can help you enjoy the diet and reduce the risk of giving up.

Also make sure that each meal is easy to get and simple.

Oh, and stick to the plan.

Say no to soda

Carbonated beverages often contain A HIGH AMOUNT of sugar.

Maybe it has various flavor that make you feel “it’s not too sweet”.

Don’t let it fool you.

Skip the soda and give yourself a healthier option like sugar-free iced lemon tea.

Build a Support system

Quitting sugar can be challenging especially if you have sugar teeth.

It can be lonely along the way.

That’s why you need a support system.

Tell your best friends, family, and coworkers that you’re trying to cut down on sugar.

Hopefully, they can help you achieve your goal by reminding you when you forget about it and motivating you when you feel down.

Make A Healthy Distraction

Sometimes the sweet food looks too mesmerizing that you almost forget that you’re on a diet.

Look away!

Don’t let the devil whisper take over your mind.

Distract yourself with something healthy.

You can try walk in the park, reading a great book, or chatting with a good friend.

Drink water

Actually, even when you’re not doing any weight-loss diet, you still need to drink a lot of water per day to keep your body healthy.

It becomes more important when you’re quitting sugar.

Drink water a lot to help you fill full.

Have High Protein meals

Eating high-protein meals can help you reduce appetite and it helps you fulfill your satiety.

This way, you can have a great day with less-craving, especially on sugar.


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