Productive Things To Do At Home

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Being stuck at home can lead to a major boredom for many people.

Don’t let this situation shrink your awesomeness!

You can be productive and awesome even when staying at home!

Here are some productive things that you can do at home!

Read Something Epic

Staying at home for weeks means you have TONS OF free time for reading.

Reading is a great way to absorb information and knowledge quickly.

Learning a lot of things can help you improve yourself and hence you can be a better person, especially when you read something motivational or inspirational.

So, read.

Bring your favorite cup of coffee next to you and grab an epic book or e-book.

Make sure that everything you read is positive and harmonious with the values you hold in life so it’s worth your time.

Write Something Epic

Writing is super useful in this world.

You can inherit your ideas to someone else with your writing.

You can convey a powerful message through writing.

You can express your feeling with writing.

You can inspire people to take positive actions through writing.

You can make money by writing.

Writing is so good and you don’t need fancy tools to do it.

Just a piece of paper and a pen will do.

You can also use your phone, iPad, or laptop to do it. (and maybe you can also involve a cup of coffee!)

Don’t be afraid of the thought, “I don’t write well,”

Remember, everyone wasn’t born as an expert. Practice makes perfect.

Every expert was once a beginner

Rutherford B. Hayes

Brainstorm amazing ideas

Do you love brainstorming?

I do! I love it so much!

Brainstorming in a simple term means gathering ideas to solve a problem.

For example, you might want to plan your meal for the whole week, and you want to eat healthily.

Then ask yourself or find ideas everywhere about healthy meal plan recipes and then write down your findings.

You can do it yourself by writing down all ideas you are thinking in your mind (about a specific thing).

You can also do it with your family and ask every family member to give a minimum amount of idea.

After that, you can pick the best idea to solve the problem or combine multiple ideas into something awesome.

Make a fantastic plan

Let us put a big optimism in our heart that everything will be better soon.

And when that moment comes, you have to be ready.

What are you going to do when it’s all over? Visit a family? Make a wedding? Go back to school?

What are those amazing things that you really want to do but you cannot do because of the lockdown?

Build a huge list and make an action plan on how you will do it.

When the lockdown is over and your plan is ready, life becomes easier because you already know what to do.

Even when something unexpected happens, you still have a big picture of the plan and you can make some tweak to adjust the situation.

revamp Your Internet Presence

Today, internet can bring a huge impact to someone’s life.

You can make the most out of it to improve yourself, to make money, or to enlarge your networking.

Log in to those social media accounts. Organize them, update them, or declutter them if you want.

If you have a LinkedIn account, don’t forget to polish it. LinkedIn is a useful platform for career and networking. So, use your free time of this lockdown to make sure that your LinkedIn profile looks awesome!

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