21-day Positivity Challenge

Improving yourself can be an exciting yet challenging mission. It’s so worth to try!

There are so many ways that you can try to improve yourself.

If you love challenge, check out this 30-day personal growth challenge and practice it at home!

Yes, this self-improvement challenge is pandemic-friendly which means you don’t have to leave the house to complete the challenge!

This challenge is also great for people who love organized to-do-list. If you are that person, look at this challenge as a 30d-day to-do list.

You go, girl!

Day 1: Write 100 good things about yourself

In a piece of paper, make a list of 100 positive things about you without comparing yourself to anyone.

Day 2: Write 100 things you can achieve

Read the 100 positive things about you that you have written yesterday. And then, think about the fantastic possibilities that you can achieve using those 100 positive things about you. Write 100 achievements you can achieve.

Day 3: Say Gratitude In Your heart

This day should be the day of gratitude to God. Observe everything around you and say your gratitude to God in your heart.

Say in your heart, “God, I’m so grateful I am waking up on my comfortable bed.”

“God, I’m so grateful that today I can breath fresh air calmly,”

“God, I’m so grateful that I have a tasty breakfast,”

Something like that throughout the day.

Day 4: Speak Your Gratitude to Your Loved Ones

Now deliver your gratitude to your loved ones. If you have a roommate, say thank you to her even if it’s for a small thing. If you live with your family, say thank you to each of them. Find 1 good thing that they have done for you that day and say thank you sincerely.

Day 5: give compliments in Real Life

Give compliments to your beloved ones and best friends. Give compliments to the foods that you have. There is always one good thing about something.

Day 6: Listen to A Motivational Podcast

You can also watch TEDTalks or other motivational videos in Youtube.

Day 7: Find A Motivational Quote

Find motivational quotes in a book, using Google, or Pinterest. When you have found the one that you really love, save it and write it down somewhere that you can see it everyday. You can also make a phone background or desktop background.

Day 8: Describe Your Favorite Moment in your Life

From all amazing moments that you have experienced in your life, find one that you truly love the most and describe it.

Day 9: describe Your Favorite Things About Your Job/School

It can be a favorite moment in your work/school or your favorite part of your job/school. Find it and describe it.

day 10: Make A List of Your Positive Habits

Everyone has habits. What’s yours? Make a list of the positive habits you have and why it is good.

Day 11: Healthy meal and Sleep

Eat only healthy meal throughout the day and have a quality 7 (or 8) hours sleep.

Day 12: Give motivation to Someone

Call (using your phone) an old friend or someone that you haven’t talked for a looong time. Ask how their life is doing and give a simple motivation to them.

Day 13: Post positive comments

Log into your favorite social media, find a random post, and give positive comment. Do it at least for 3 posts and then log out.

Day 14: Invite Someone to The Dinner

During the pandemic, you can virtually invite someone to eat dinner with you. Text someone to let them know and then make a video call during the dinner. Place the phone/iPad/laptop in front of you so you can virtually have a dinner with them.

Day 15: Make Your Room Smell Good

Wash your sheets and towels and give it your favorite scent. Place an aromatic candle in the bedroom (blow it out before you sleep).

Day 16: Practice An Exercise At Home

Day 17: Read A really Good Book

Find a really good book and get lost in it.

Day 18: Forgive Someone

Whether or not they deserve forgiveness, YOU deserve peace.

Day 19: Send flowers to someone

Call a florist who provides flower delivery and order a bouquet for your beloved one. It can be your mother, your grandmother, your sister, or your best friend!

Day 20: Send A Gift to yourself

Order a gift online WITH a sweet greeting card and send it to yourself. In the greeting card, put uplifting word and write like you’re talking to someone you truly love!

Day 21: Summarize the positivity

During the past 20 days, which part do you love the most and why? Write it down.

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