How to Stop Being Lazy And Have A More Meaningful Life

Laziness is probably the easiest thing in life.

But you know what? Easy doesn’t always mean good.

In fact, awesome things in life are accomplished through hard work.

As the popular quote say.. NOTHING WORTH COMES EASY

And oftentimes, when something is achieved through an easy journey, it will go away easily too.

Let’s Talk Laziness

When you heard the word ‘lazy’ what comes in your head?

Someone laying on a soft bed while scrolling through their phone?

Or someone with a pizza in their hand laying on a couch in front of a TV?

Those examples might be true. But laziness can come in any form.

Why Are We Lazy?

Being lazy means avoiding responsibilities or other productive things by doing something very easy.

For example, when it’s 6 AM and you realize that it’s time for jogging, then you feel, “urgh jogging is tiring, jogging needs me to change outfit,” and then you choose to check your social media on couch instead.

Being lazy is basically an ESCAPE of our duty.

You have a task or problem. You must either face it or run from it and you choose run.

So, being lazy is actually a coward behavior.

Yet it feel so comfy we don’t want to leave.

How To Stop Being lazy

Indulging yourself in easy things instead of facing the responsibilities is obviously a non-productive thing.

You cannot get ahead in life in a normal pace when you keep being lazy all the time.

Needless to say, being lazy can cost you A WHOLE LOT OF TIME in your life.

Imagine when you’re old and you look back to your life, what will you say to yourself when you realize that you’ve wasted a lot of time because you have been lazy?

Now if you want to quit laziness, there are some ways for it.

Find Motivation

Everyone has two options when it comes to having responsibilities; face it or leave it.

Some people will choose to leave it because it’s A LOT easier.

But why do some people choose to face it and conquer it even when it’s super difficult?


Because they’re motivated.

Motivation is what drives your behavior. You can get motivated by your goal, you can get motivated by threats around you, and you can get motivated because you feel grateful of what you have in life.

Now look into yourself. What do you want in life? What is something doable that you think you will regret in your deathbed if you cannot achieve it?

Inspire yourself. Expose yourself to great people who’d done great things in life. Get motivated and fill the fuel of your life.

You’ve got this, warrior!

Learn How to Do The Job

Now probably you have some motivation in your heart but you don’t know how to finish the job.

To solve this problem, you need to learn.

Ask your friends or Google. Figure out how to complete the task in the most manageable way.

avoid Distraction

Getting focus is powerful to help you finish the job.

But distraction can comes easily out of a thin air.

Avoid any distraction.

Before start working, make sure that you have turned off all of sound source (TV, radio, music player, even phone notification tone).

If possible, work in a special room where people cannot easily disturb you. You can also close the curtain to help you more focus and stop sneaking a peek to the outside world.

Stop Being Coward

You don’t want to be a coward, do you?

Earlier in this post we’ve talked about how laziness is similar to cowardice.

You have responsibility and you leave it. You have duty and you find a way to escape from it.

That is coward.

Don’t you realize that no matter how far you try to run from it, some responsibilities are inevitable? Something like studying for exam, finishing a school project, or doing the job from your boss… those things are needed to do no matter how hard you avoid it.

Now imagine that every responsibility is an enemy that you must conquer. Imagine it as an annoying villain that you must defeat no matter what. Imagine that the more you postpone the more annoying it becomes. Understand that you have to FIGHT IT and win the fight. And then, grab your sword and crush its soul entirely.

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