How To Lose Weight When You’re Over 200 Lbs

When you have a very high amount of fat in your body, you are exposing yourself to various health risks.

So, when you have decided to lose weight… CONGRATULATIONS!! THAT’S A FANTASTIC DECISION!

Losing weight is a great journey to see the healthier version of yourself!

It might not be easy. But it’s totally worth it.

Even when you’re over 200 Lbs, losing weight is possible!

In fact, losing 30 lbs when you’re 220 lbs is easier VS losing the same amount of weight when you’re 120 lbs.

Use these tips to help you lose weight!

Exercise, But Not Too Much


Yep, it might be surprising.

But exercising a lot when you weight over 200 pounds might do more harm than good.

Yes, you need exercise, but losing weight is not the main focus. Your focus when doing workout is to make your body stay active and reduce the risk of major health problem.

Exercise to stay away from laziness. Laziness begets laziness, am I right? It also begets weight gain in certain cases. So get up from your bed, stay away from your lazy couch, and do light workout to stay active.

You can walk in a park while seeing pretty nature or try a light jogging in a slow pace around your house.

Ditch Sugar

Sugar might be tiny but it can bring a huge negative impact towards your health.

Sugar is sweet and pleasant to taste, and that makes you want to eat it more and more.

You probably think: sugar is carbohydrate, so it won’t make a lot of difference to my weight, right? WRONG!

Sugar is a refined carbohydrate. When you consume it and your body doesn’t burn it, then your body will store it AS FAT. In fact, one of the greatest contributor to belly fat is SUGAR.

So, ditch sugar.

You probably don’t want to avoid it all at once right now as your mind might build a “revenge plan” one day. You want to do it gradually so you can walk through it comfortably.

Stop Counting Calories

I receive my bachelor degree in Nutrition as one of the first graduates. Yet I hate counting calories.

If you aren’t well-acquainted with Nutrition, you probably hate calorie-counting even more.

And I am not forcing you to do it.

In fact, when you’re on a diet and you’re trying to count every calorie that you take, it can be time consuming and it can drive you insane. And then it tease you to quit your weight-loss journey immediately.

So, don’t do that.

Instead of counting calories, focus on intentional healthy eating.

Eat more vegetables and fruit, stop eating when you’re full, and do not touch foods if you are not truly hungry.

Reduce Your Eating Frequency

Many people gain weight because they eat small food at a time but they eat too frequently in a day.

Even when you feel that you only eat ‘a little amount of food’ in lunch or dinner, if you snack frequently and eat frequently throughout the day, there is a chance that you accumulate a lot of calories that lead you to weight gain.

So, reduce your eating frequency and eat a normal amount of food in the normal meal time.

Limit your snack time and stay away from the fridge.

If you really want to snack once or twice a day, eat steamed/boiled veggies.

Watch Your Drink

When the calorie intake is higher than the calorie burnt, the remaining calorie will be stored AS FAT.

And where do those calories come from?

They come from foods AND drinks.

Now when you already skip dinner for the whole month, eat only healthy foods for the breakfast and lunch, but you still gain weight, there is probably something wrong with your drink.

Are you sure you only drink weight-loss-friendly drinks?

Ditching alcohol is a good decision. But you need to do more in order to lose weight.

Skip sweet drinks. They might be tasty but they can make you gain weight.

Colorful juices and smoothies might SOUND healthy as it consists of veggies and fruits. But try to stay away from it as some of them might contain high sugar.

If you want to drink something beyond fresh water in the morning, try unsweetened green tea or lemon juice.

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