How to lose 10 Pounds In A Month

When it comes to losing weight, you probably want the quickest way to achieve your goal.

However, quicker doesn’t mean safer.

You can simply stop eating anything except an apple in a day and then experience weight loss in a couple of weeks.

But that’s super dangerous for your health.

And that’s super difficult.

As much as you love getting slimmer, you also want to have a good health, don’t you?

After all, the main purpose of losing weight is having a healthier body, am I right?

Losing weight safely and easily can be achieved when you set a reasonable goal.

Losing 10 Pounds in a month is totally possible, especially when you have a higher BMI.

CAUTION: this guide is for overweight people who want to achieve or get closer to their ideal weight. This guide is NOT for underweight people who want to get skinnier.

Being too skinny doesn’t make you look good, dear. And it’s unhealthy too.

Down below are practical tips you can try to help you lose weight this month!!

Eat High-Protein breakfast

Are you still believing that skipping breakfast can help you lose weight?

Think again.

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. It gives you energy to start your day, to help you think clearly, to help you catch your bus, etc.

When you skip breakfast, there is a high chance you want to make a revenge at lunch, after lunch, and at dinner. That can lead to weight gain.

Your body needs fuel in the morning.

And to help you reduce craving, try to eat breakfast with high protein.

Protein foods such as eggs, tofu, and chicken, if cooked properly can make you feel satisfied in the morning so you don’t need any revenge plan in the afternoon.

If you’re afraid that breakfast might upset your stomach, you can try eating breakfast after 8 and after a glass of water/cup of warm tea.

Also remember to eat the breakfast in moderation.

P.S. If you eat chicken, choose skinless chicken.

Manage The Calorie

Weight loss can be achieved when you’re burning the energy storage in your body MORE than the intake.

You can lose weight without reducing your food consumption, but you need to do heavy workout or anything that burns a lot of calorie.

If you hate heavy workout, you can practice simple workout and balance it with calorie restriction.

It doesn’t have to be scary.

You can start with 1300 calorie diet or 1200 calorie diet if you will.

And yes, a 1300 calorie diet can still look delicious.


Plan Your meal

Impulsive eating can lead you to gain unplanned weight.

When you don’t know what to eat for lunch or for dinner you can end up buying a fast food or a high-calorie delicious -looking meal.

You don’t want that, don’t you?

Eating without planning can be unhealthy for your wallet too.

Anyway, if you want to eat mindfully, you can start with the meal plan.

This way, you can think more clearly of what to eat in the next meal times and whether it has too much calorie or not.

Stick to the plan

After creating your meal plan, make yourself stick to it seriously.

Don’t try to cheat.

Skip desserts

Dessert usually contain a high amount of sugar.

And did you know? Sugar makes you fat.

Reducing sugar intake can help you lose some weight.

So, skip dessert. Especially the sweet one.


practice your favorite workouts

Workout is important not only for weight loss but also for keeping us healthy.

Now you don’t need to follow crazy workout ideas that sounds exhausting.

Do what you love. Do something that you are willing to repeat it everyday.

If you love running, run.

If you love rope-jumping, jump.

If you love cycling, hit the pedal.

Anything that burns calorie can help you lose weight.

Practice your favorite workout everyday, at least 30 minutes per day.

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