How To Fight Sleepiness And Get Up Early

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Life is a matter of choices.

Every small thing in life is, so is the way you want to spend your morning.

It’s your choice to get up early or come back to sleep.

Of course, it’s your choice, it’s not mine or other people’s. But let me tell you, time is not running, time is flying. It flies quickly forward. Every single second we get older, and when the time is gone we can’t get it back.

Waking up early is one of the most important keys to using your time wisely.

But isn’t it hard for some of us?

That’s why I want to share with you some tricks that are easy but effective to help you get up earlier.

So go check them out and let me know what you think about it.

Put your alarm clock far away from your bed

Get a loud-screaming alarm clock that you’ll be embarrassed or feel guilty if somebody else hears the sound of it.

Then put it somewhere far from your bed that you need to walk several steps to grab it

This is a smart hack to force yourself to step your feet to the earth so your sleepiness fades away.

You can put it near your bathroom or near your window [if your window and your bed separated away].

Why these locations? Read along to the next steps below.

Open your curtain and let the sunlight strikes you

This is why you need to put your alarm clock near the window.

After you walk away from your bed to reach and turn off the alarm clock, you can reach the curtain too [if you have any] or at least you can see the sunlight.

When your body is exposed to radiant light, it’s hard for the body to produce melatonin [the sleeping hormone]. Thus, your sleepiness should fade away.

Wash your face

The get-up hacks doesn’t stop in front of the window, girl!

If your eyes aren’t fully awake after seeing a bright sunlight, you definitely need to touch water.

Wash. Your. Face.

This is a cool and easy weapon to fight your sleepiness. And I’m not kidding when I say cool because this trick requires cool water to be super effective.

Now if you try to get up early in the winter, the trick number #2 might not work well but this trick will definitely replace it out. The cold temperature of the water will bring you to life and it absolutely will fight all of your sleepiness.

Have a shower

Yep, shower. And I mean a cold shower. Similar to the trick number #3, letting your body exposed to cold water will make you open your eyes and refresh your body.

Now if you are totally awake without any sleepiness after practicing the tricks number 1-3, you can try a warm shower so you feel more comfortable (but still ready for the day!).

Drink a glass of water

Unless you are doing fasting, you really need to get yourself a glass of water right after waking up.

Not only will it helps you fight the feeling of sleeping, but it also helps you re-hydrate your body after long hours of sleeping.


Work your body out, girl!

Moving your body, especially the whole body, is also effective to combat sleepiness.

You don’t need to go to the gym that early, you can practice 5-minute crunches, 5-minutes butt-kicks, or another exercise that is easy and quick.

Get dressed tidily

Now if you want to get up because you need to go to work very early, you need to get yourself dressed up, right? So after you have your cold shower, quickly dressed up very tidily.

When you see yourself in the mirror with that tidy suit or dress, you don’t want to ruin it to wrinkles by laying to your bed, am I right??

Well actually, when you see something beautiful, you’ll tend to lose your sleepiness. So go get yourself a nice look and stun yourself in front of the mirror. That’s a smart way to trick yourself so you don’t go back to sleep.

Those are easy and applicable tricks you can start practicing by tomorrow morning. Get up, girl!! The world is calling!

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