How to Create A Personal Development Plan

PROGRESS is probably one of the most beautiful thing to see in the world.

No body is perfect. And that’s alright.

But as long as our heart beats, there is always a chance for us to become the better version of ourselves, no matter how small the progress is.

Personal development is a never ending mission.

No matter how good you are, there is always a room for improvement.

That’s why you need a plan. You don’t want to wake up every morning just to come back to the bed at night and say, “oh, I have just wasted my day in vain,” because you did not make any progress that day.

You can be so much better than you are today!

And you don’t need to make a HUGE impossible step today.

Personal development is a long-term achievement.

It’s just like climbing The Mount Everest; take it one step at a time.

And that’s where the personal development plan can be so helpful.

Follow these steps to help you create your own personal development plan!

Define Your Vision

Everybody is different.

Everybody has their own path of life.

Now ask yourself, “what do you really want in life?”

And answer it honestly.

Define your vision.

Ideally, it should only be 1 thing. The 1 big thing that you are always chasing for in life, and your heart knows it.

Define The Big Goal

Now after finding that one thing that you truly want in life, ask yourself, “how can it be achieved? how to do it?”

There are so many goals that you can achieve in order to achieve your vision.

But remember, you have to PRIORITIZE.

Make a list of big goals.

And then, pick 1 goal to pursue to go to the next step.

If that 1 goal has been achieved, don’t forget to pursue your next goals.

Yes, you can multitask, you can improve your time management while improving your communication.

But do not make it too complicated. You can pursue 2-3 goals at a time and still improving on other things naturally so you don’t feel overwhelmed.

Define The Monthly Goal

Analyze your situation right now.

How far is the gap between your big goals and your situation right now?

If you want to be a great public speaker, how is your public speaking skill right now? How much is the difference?

After that, set the monthly goals.

Remember to make it simple and FEASIBLE so you don’t overwhelm yourself.

For example:

JANUARY: study 30 formal vocabularies and its synonym

FEBRUARY: polish your articulation and voice tone so people can listen comfortably

MARCH: learn to improve body language

APRIL: learn how to become confident in front of people

Define Your Actions

After finding your vision, your big goals, and monthly goals, now ask yourself, “what are the things I should do to accomplish your goals?”

Remember to define only effective actions.

I mean, we can learn something through various ways. But choose the way that suits you and MOST EFFECTIVE so you don’t have to learn the hard way.

These actions can be daily tasks or weekly tasks.

Remember that the actions must be FEASIBLE and not overwhelming.

Now grab a piece of paper and start your own personal development plan!

You can do this!


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