How to Become A Better person

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Nobody’s perfect.

But we are all having opportunity to become a better person.

Improving your personality everyday can help you live a better life.

When you’re ready to become a better person, that’s a big leap in your life.

I hope these tips can help you become the better version of yourself!

Look Inside Yourself

Introspection is a key to be a better person.

Never feel that you are the most righteous person on earth.

Humans are prone to mistakes.

Look inside yourself.

What is something that you must do but you refuse to?

What is something that people around you complain to you about?

Admit it. Be honest to yourself.

When you realize that there is something unsatisfactory about your personality, you see that there is a room for growth.

And that’s where you can start improving yourself.

Look for inputs

We can see our faces in the mirror, but not our personality.

Maybe we feel that we are a good person, but maybe people see us differently.

Get some inputs from your very best friends, your family, your spouse, or anyone that knows you really well.

It’s important to ask inputs from someone who truly loves you so they can give you the best input that is constructive and sincere.

Ask them for advice. Ask them to tell you honestly about what do they think about you and what to improve in yourself.

Maybe all this time they are keeping something to say to you, but too afraid to tell you.

Who knows, right?

Listen To Awesome People

Read, listen, or watch motivational words from awesome people.

Even when you just randomly scroll through quotes images on Pinterest, you can find one or more words that suit your situation.

Maybe you didn’t expect it. Maybe you didn’t realize that you actually need enlightenment on something.

But everything happens for a reason.

Maybe those words are put in front of your eyes as a “hint” from God that you need to change an attitude or a habit in your life.

make a Change

Maybe you feel bad about yourself because you have done something bad.

But don’t let it defines yourself.

Remember, there is always a room for growth when you realize something is wrong.

Ask yourself,

“What happened? Why did you let it happen?”

And the most important question is, “how can I prevent it from happening again? “

When you know what to do, do it.

If you want to see a change, you have to make a change.

Be Grateful

There are rich, healthy, famous people who don’t live happily and act badly.

And there are poor or sick people who act kindly and generously.

Happiness is not about how much you have in life.

It’s about appreciating every single thing in life.

Show gratitude to your mom. Show gratitude to your sister. Show gratitude to good people you meet today (they give you an example of how to be a good person!).

And most importantly, show your biggest gratitude to God.

Showing gratitude to God isn’t a mere thank you. You have to SHOW IT. You have to PROVE IT.

If you say that you’re grateful for a healthy body, then keep it healthy.

If you say that you’re grateful for an amazing mother, then act kindly to that precious person.

When you’re grateful, life becomes brighter.

When you’re truly grateful, you will be hungry for self-improvement and it pushes you to do something better.

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