How to Be Productive At Home

I know how it feels.

When the world forces you to keep inside the house and you do not know what to do or you do not have the mood to do things, you might get stressed out.

It doesn’t feel comfortable inside.

You are craving for a positive change, am I right?

You want to be productive and you want to fight that boredom, laziness, or other productivity-blocking feelings inside yourself.

Productivity can boost up confidence and self-esteem. Productivity can block negative thoughts. Productivity can make our life more meaningful.

But how to be productive when you MUST stay at home?

Things can get worse when you are an extrovert who are craving for meeting people so that you can regain your ‘energy’, am I right?

Here are some tips that you can try to improve your productivity at home!

Accept This Situation

We have to stay home because of the worldwide pandemic and we don’t know when it’s going to end.

Let’s. accept. that. truth.

It’s normal to not go anywhere during this abnormal period of time.

It’s normal to feel bored.

It’s normal that today you are unable to do the things you used to do when the pandemic hasn’t started.

We have limitation today. Everybody does.

And that is okay.

Let’s embrace this truth and shower yourself with positive motivation everyday.

Make A Change

If your greatest enemy in this quarantine is boredom, laziness, or bad mood, you might need to have some dynamic.

Monotony can destroy creativity and bright ideas.

So, try to make some change.

You can do this by:

  • reorganizing or revamping your room/workstation
  • changing your daily routine
  • make some challenge
  • if possible, move your workspace, maybe to another room or another area of the house

Do What You Love

Everyone has something that they really love.

When you feel bored or unproductive, try to do that thing that you love or at least get closer to it.

For example:

  • If you love going to the coffee shop, make your own coffee at home (learn how to do it so that you can make awesome coffee) and make a similar atmosphere in your home (place a table and a chair next to the window) and then sit there while enjoying your coffee
  • If you love volleyball, decorate your room with a volleyball theme and wear a volleyball jersey when doing your study/work to boost up your mood (but don’t use the jersey for video conference!)

Help Yourself To Be Focus

When you live with your family at home, and you have to spend 24/7 time with them, it can feel overwhelming.

No matter how much you love your family and how amazing is their affection to you, you need to set boundaries to help you being focus on doing your own thing, be it studying, working, or having a me-time.

Help them understand your boundary. You can do this by putting a sign on your door or simply explaining to them during dinner.

Set Your Goal Every Day

Accomplishing goal feels so good!

We all want our goals to be accomplished, right?

Set your goal every day, no matter how simple it is.

Decide what is the main thing that you must do, what is the secondary thing that you have to do, and what are the complimentary things that you should do.

An example:

submitting a school task before 11 A.M.reading the material for next week exammaking a DIY wall decor
joining ZOOM meeting at 10 the closetlearning calligraphy

There might be things that you have to do at a certain hour (non-negotiable).

But when there are flexible things, give your time freedom to do it in your convenience.

You have set your boundaries, right? So you have allotted time in the day that you can do those things. You can make a schedule if you want. But don’t be too strict.

Make yourself relax and enjoy what you do. Make it flexible so you don’t feel ‘forced’ to do it. When we are relaxed, we can do things better.

Take A Break

It’s essential, y’all!

Being productive doesn’t mean you have to put yourself 9 hours strict in front of your laptop.

You need to take some relaxing break so that you can recharge your mood for the next chunk of work.

In fact, working in front of a bright laptop screen for too long without any pause can lead to some health problems such as neck stiff and Computer Vision Syndrome (CVS).

Since your are at home, taking a break can be easier and fun.

There are a lot of options you can try, such as:

  • playing with your kids/ little siblings
  • slurping on a cold lemonade while sitting on the porch
  • playing with your pet in the backyard
  • grabbing some snacks from the kitchen
  • having a hot bath
  • taking a nap

learn Something New

No matter what you do, don’t let this quarantine stops you from being creative and productive.

You are capable of great things, even when you stay at home.

During your free time at home, learn something new.

Learn to do various things, try new hobbies, or study a new topic every day so that when the quarantine is over you can have a pack of new skills.

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