7 Daily Habits For Self Improvement

Improving your self doesn’t have to involve big achievements in life.

Instead, you can practice simple things every day consistently to see the result in the future.

Down below are simple habits that you can do with persistence to help you improve your self in the long run!

1/ Getting Up Early

Getting up early is a life-changing habit. Seriously, try it for a week and see the difference.

When you get up early.. just 15 minutes earlier than your usual schedule, it means that you have 15 minutes to do more things beyond your usual activities.

You can spend the extra time for anything. You can just follow your routine right after getting up and use the extra time later in the day.

You can use the extra time for accomplishing more work, doing more exercise, establishing more connection with your kids, or simply slowing down in the morning so you can start your day in a more relaxed way.

2/ Expressing Gratitude

Express gratitude whenever you can.

Right after you open your eyes in the morning, remember to express your gratitude to God who Gives you another day to live and another opportunity to be the better version of yourself.


During the day, say thank you to the people who helps you, no matter how small the act of kindness is.

Say it to the bus driver, to the cashier, to the janitor, to the stranger who gives you their seat in a public area, to your mother, to your best friend, and to your own self for being brave and awesome today!

A simple “THANK YOU” with a smile can make someone’s day. And it can train your heart to be more compassionate and humble.

3/ Read Awesome Words from Awesome People

Reading motivational quotes is probably the easiest way to start self-development.

This habit had been so helpful for me.

One day I got a book of quotes and I binge-read it because it looks awesome.

I didn’t expect too much from the book. But the book has helped me get through a time of struggle when I was a teenager.

One of my favorite quotes from the book was this:

“Success is 99% attitude and 1% aptitude.”

I was having some issue with confidence at that time. But this quote helped me realize that I can achieve what I want with a really serious effort, even when I feel that I have not much potential.

Now that is only 1 quote and it’s already powerful enough.

When you read motivational words from an awesome person, it’s easy to get motivated too.

Now motivation doesn’t last forever. You have to build and rebuild motivation inside yourself continuously. The easiest way of doing it is probably by exposing your mind to inspirational books. It doesn’t have to be a book full of quotes. Any books that can spark positive spirit and motivation inside your heart is worth to read.

4/ Practice Mindful Spending

Everyday we need to spend on something, am I right?

Be it on electricity, water, food, beauty products, or anything else.

Spending is inevitable. But you can do it wisely.

No matter how much money you have in the bank, spending mindfully is a wise habit to help you improve your life.

It prevents you from wasting your precious time.




Remember: spending your money mindfully is a way to show respect to your own hard work.

Respect yourself.

5/ Shower

No, seriously.

Showering isn’t only washing away physical dirt or sweat. It can also help you to relax, give you a moment to spend a ‘me time’, and help wash away the unpleasant vibe that you probably experience during the day.

No matter how extrovert you are, you still need a moment to enjoy your ‘me time’, am I right?

And no matter how peaceful your life is, having a moment for relaxation is so pleasant.

Especially in this time of pandemic, everybody can get stressed easily. Even when they don’t meet anyone during the day.

Showering everyday might helps a bit.

Try it.

6/ Practice A Quick Contemplation

Right before you sleep, practice a quick contemplation. You can do it in your bed or in your desk with a pen and a journal.

Think about ..

a) What awesome things have you achieved today?

b) What non-awesome things have you done today? Feeling guilty is normal. Bot don’t let it consume you. So, think about…

c) How can you improve tomorrow?

7/ Sleep well

Don’t underestimate the power of sleeping well.

Everyone deserves a good sleep. It can help your body recharge and help you face tomorrow in a good condition.

To ensure you have a good sleep, try these:

  • Arrange your bed (position, sheet color, pillow position) so that you feel comfortable when sleeping on it
  • Go to bed clean (that’s also why you need a shower)
  • Sleep on time
  • Believe that tomorrow is going to be a good day

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